I had a long thought on what I could produce for 4 double page spreads, and to start with I bought myself a few magazines to find some ideas on what my topics could be related to. I like the idea of having 4 separate articles in different magazines, but I know that would be a challenge. Nevertheless, I bought a few magazines that are related to health, fitness, photography and design. I thought by having these magazines, I am limited to the topics, but there are also a lot of branches I can stem off from within these topics, giving me choice on what I can write about.


IMG_5167 copyI began by having two diagrams. One diagram based around the articles I can write relating to photography, and the other relating to a wider selection of topics ranging from anything. I chose to do a diagram based around photography only especially, because you can stem almost anything in relation to this. Because the brief asks us to use our own imagery also, it helps me to break down and think about pictures that I can currently take.

I really like being able to show others what I can do and inspire people to create things that they never had thought of doing before. I would like to show this similar approach in all of my magazine articles, to inspire people and use my ideas to create something completely out of the ordinary.


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