Contrasting environments.

I came across someone called Mr. Edwards on WordPress about contrasting environments, and I loved his technique of blending two of the same or different environments into one photo and making it look like one image. I thought this could be something interesting to try out with my photography, so I gave it a go on an image of the sky, and an image of an abandoned prison.

Alongside this, I found an article that combined two types of contrasting environments. I love the contrast in colours and shapes that each image gave off, aligning the text in a symmetrical manner also on both pages.

practice_sky_buildingAlthough I really like the idea of the contrasting environments, I feel that the images are not strong enough and I would not be able to write a convincing enough article about it for my spread to make it interesting enough for people to want to read it. I would like to use this idea for upcoming projects however, seeing these images have inspired me to think about using the city of London to capture some interesting photography perhaps.



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