New punctuation brief.

Language is the tool we use to communicate with each other and it constantly evolves to aid better expression of ourselves and the world we live in. Typography is a servant of that and its usage should evolve to enhance our expression of language. /// In an unprecedented step it has been decided that the English Language will have a new punctuation mark added to it. You are asked to come up with that punctuation mark. /// To explain a little more, the punctuation mark should express it a thought or ideology that is unique to the modern world which needs to be clearly expressed in written form. Your interpretation can be serious, experimental or humorous. Some examples could be a mark to be used at the beginning and end of which denotes the text inside is sarcastic. Or it could be text, which expresses the feeling of ‘believing in nothing’. Another idea is to express the idea of ‘information overload’. There are many many solutions to this one. /// You are also required to produce a poster that clearly explains your idea to people

Thinking about this new brief, I came up with the idea of creating something that I would personally use when I was communicating to someone. Because text is one of the main forms of communication nowadays, it is sometimes hard to understand the emotion of the other person when they are describing something.


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