Mood for my punctuation mark.



FullSizeRender-2When people text each other, often they use punctuation marks to emphasize the emotion they are showing to the person receiving the text. I had a look through some of my messages from all different groups of people, and I noticed that sarcasm appeared to be the most used in a lot of texting when using punctuation in a sentence without using it as a proper form of grammar.

Because sarcasm is a form of mood that a lot of people can mislead, I was thinking about making a new punctuation mark that linked with the mood of sarcasm. By using this punctuation mark with sarcasm, people can use it and anyone would understand that this meant the sentence.

A lot of people use punctuation marks such as “…”, “…!” or even “?!”. Because some people could feel offended when someone uses these as it can look quite aggressive, I am thinking of making one where anyone could use it and people would know it was a harmless punctuation mark that people would use for this mood when interacting with people using digital media.



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