Evaluation – Punctuation mark.

For this project, I had to be careful when making a new punctuation mark that it would fit a specific purpose as well as being easy to understand. Because sarcasm is often a misinterpreted emotion when messaging people via digital media, I wanted to have a symbol that represented this emotion without it being revealed as too insulting, but can be used in a variety of expressions when communicating with someone. The target audience for this is to anyone who wishes to use it in it’s appropriate manner when communicating to others.

I thought the idea of having two underscores curved either side of an exclamation mark, to emphasize the point of a pause within the sentence. I thought this was an effective use for using it with my chosen emotion to use it with, because people can recognize it and use it in all different languages and typefaces. It is appropriate for all typefaces and the design is simple.

I thought this was a difficult project to think about, because of coming up with a punctuation mark to suit something appropriately is difficult when you are unsure of what to make. Although this was a challenge, I felt that I executed the brief well with my punctuation mark. It can be used in messaging, emails or any other ways of communication through digital media. The size of the symbol would fit on any keyboard also, which I had to think carefully about. The punctuation mark as a whole is appropriate to what I have intended it to be, and I feel that it looks professional against the other punctuation marks, blending well with the punctuation family.


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