This project was a typographic project, which I was given and to make up a brief of my own in relation to this. I decided on the business card for a personal trainer and what he does. Because his title was called ‘be fit’, the idea of a bee being the logo and his slogan of FITT fitted well with the title. The target audience is aimed at anyone who is interested in fitness at all different levels that wishes to improve.

I really enjoyed doing this project, keeping the research precise and helped me to develop my knowledge of what I knew to help develop myself further. The purpose of the card was to be kept simple so people could easily recognize it and stand out against other fitness cards. The typography especially, I wanted to keep minimal in case it would be developed further into making a website or merchandise; the typography is easy to read and clear, suitable in various sizes also.

Both designs curved edgesI would have liked to experiment further with the design and added a few more effects on it, however I felt that less was more on this business card. The card read the information needed for clients, and was appropriate for anyone without people feeling too intimidated by it. Overall, I feel happy with the design and I feel it is to the point and precise.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 10.39.29


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