Making the business card.

I started off with the back design, and by looking at business cards a lot of them appeared quite dark with a bold bright colour to make it stand out. I thought this would be a good idea overall for my business card, however I didn’t want the whole background to be black on both sides. Instead, I am planning to have the back design in black with a tangy orange font at the back, and the reverse on the front.

I thought about having the abbreviation of ‘FITT’ at the back so people understood what it stood for. I played around with compositions and the use of font, and I thought that Century Gothic was the most appropriate to use, because it is clean and simple, as well as easy to read. I have kept the attention to detail as minimal as possible, to keep to the point of what the business card is about. Although I did experiment with quite a few different fonts to see whether others worked, I noticed that Century Gothic was the most appropriate to use for the business card still, complimenting against the logo, as well as the information on the back. I have noticed with this project that a simple typeface is essential for a business card, keeping is clean and simple to read; the other fonts sometimes blurred or the lines became too thin due to the size of the font. Some fonts even looked too thick and messy on the business card, lacking the professional yet informal style I wanted to have on it.

For the front design, I thought carefully of how I would be positioning the bee. Because the title is called ‘be fit’ I wanted to have the bee standing out more, so people would understand the bee represents the word ‘be’ in the title. I kept to the theme of having th tangy orange as the background and the black font, which I kept the same as the back.

I thought that the colours worked well against each other, even when you put the bee with the design cover, because all of the colours compliment each other without being too overwhelming. I played around with compositions and decided on having the bee to the left, and the ‘FITT’ kept to the bottom-right corner. The space I have allowed gives the design some air to breathe, without it overcrowding. I added a bit of bevel and shadows to the title and the logo design to give it a little bit of definition against the bold orange colour, which I also thought worked really well.

I had a go at positioning the FITT at the back, and aligning all of the letters appeared much more professional. I tried to have the letters spaced out as they would without any adjustments, but it began looking a little bit ‘jumbled’ and I wanted to keep it all looking clean. I have also made the typeface at the back design a few point sizes up to make it clearer when printed on a tiny piece of card.

Front design



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