Logo drawings.

After sketching out my ideas, I thought I would put them into Illustrator and see what they look like after they have been drawn up digitally. I really liked the look of the bee that looks cunning, adding to the muscular effects on his arms. I wanted to keep the legs fairly small to emphasize the top half, and not make it look too ‘bulky’, which could defeat the object of the business card into making people think that it is for body builders.

I drew up another design, and I thought it was a little bit too child-like and not appropriate enough to specify the business card for young adults and above. By looking at the more angry looking bee, I touched up the eye slightly to make it look less ‘angry’ so people wouldn’t feel too put off when they saw the card at a first glance.

Bee 1

Bee 2

I decided to modify the bee a little more by giving the face look less aggressive. Because the logo is meant to appeal to both genders and not look too intimidating, I made the face more friendly and appealing. I also added on some sneakers to keep with the theme.

Bee 3


I still wasn’t happy with my design, so I decided to make it look friendlier by changing the eyes completely. I then added the colour to the design by making it black and yellow. I really liked the way it was going, and continued by adding tone and gradients in certain areas to make it look more 3D.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 18.33.53

bee 5


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