Feedback on my website.

Good points:

  • Nice and simple design
  • Easy to read and look


  • Consider using a more professional photo
  • Contact menu can have more links like Facebook etc.
  • Maybe on the portfolio page, the pictures could go in a slideshow to show more of them
  • Spell ‘Fotography’ correctly
  • Be careful on the slogan at the top – may look like I am limiting myself to just photography?

I took on board with these comments, and I changed my photo to a single one of myself and made sure the other person wasn’t showing.

The feedback about the contact, although it would be nice to do this, I would need to set up a Facebook profile link first. Because I don’t want to have my personal Facebook linked to my website, I think it would be better to make a Facebook ‘like’ page people can click on and write on.

The third comment I wanted to do for my homepage, however there was not a setting available for this unless I perhaps upgraded.

I put Fotography because it was almost like a mini saying for the page, however because I want to keep it professional I put in the correct spelling for now.

The slogan at the top I considered taking out, but I wanted to also keep it, because it was a mini saying that I think relates a lot to me. Although it may look like I am purely interested in photography, as you look through my work you will see that I do far more than just this.


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