Making my website.

Starting out my website portfolio, I began with the homepage. I got a template online for free and I will use that as a baseline to form my own website. By having this as the baseline for me to work on also, I can keep roughly to the compositions. I have also decided to use Helvetica throughout my website as well, as it is a simple font to use for a website design, which is also very clean and crisp to look at.

The menu bar I wanted to keep really simple and not attract too much attention. I thought about having the selected word highlighted and have a rigid line in the shape of an arrow underneath, so you can see what page you are on at a glance. On the header also, I added my logo and put it in the corner. By putting things in the header area, it will not move no matter what page you are on – like a master page, but in a selected area.

On the footer also, I decided to add a few social icons, so people can share my work if they like the look of it. By doing this, I can hopefully gain more publicity and more people will be interested in seeing my work.

I also had a go at adding little effects such as a dropdown menu, I found it really hard at first to work, but after a few tweaking and playing around I got the idea of it. I really liked this style, because I have a lot of categories I can develop on for my portfolio work, it can categorise everything neatly and keep it all really simple.


I kept playing around with the homepage, because this will also show all of the images that I have produced so far. I decided on keeping my work in a neat grid format, making it easy to see and allow only the images to be the main focus. I want to keep to the theme of simplicity on my website, because I have found that simple websites appear to be the most effective.

For the pages of my portfolio, I wanted to keep the brief short and concise. I prefer having the text on the left, as the majority of people read from left to right. Keeping the image separate is also an important factor, because it doesn’t work too much against the design. I also thought about having buttons on my page such as a ‘next’ and a ‘back’, so you can go back to all of the images, or move onto the next one if you wish.

When I put it into a mobile view page, I noticed there were a few errors such as making sure that the type still fit etc, but this was an easy fix of adjusting the type slightly. I think that the layout works a lot better when everything is almost listed in the mobile site, making sure that nothing will overlap when you view it in this way.

When I look at some of my more personal pieces of work, I am unsure of what to write about them as I was not given a set brief to do this… instead, I have taken inspiration from Erik Johansson’s website in having a simple sentence to justify the picture. Because there was no particular reason in me making the image apart from to show what I am capable of, having a simple sentence is the entire page needs.

For my app page, I wanted to include the video tutorial I had used to navigate your way around so that the viewers saw the full potential of this app and to the extent I went for this project.

I also wanted to incorporate my blog into the Wix account, I wanted to keep my old blog separate to show the projects I do throughout my university course, but the blogs I will be posting on Wix are more like articles written related to more personal topics.


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