Multimedia applications.

A multimedia system is using more than one form of media that shows development and able to function. Websites are desktops are examples of multimedia usage using digital media. They include programme coding to function and interact with the viewers to get the most out of it.

Text – Text is fundamental for most multimedia systems, especially in computer applications. Text is used for coding to make a software function and to show specific instructions and information. Text is also used as an essential accessibility, for example, having an image on a web page should include some text to explain a little more detail about the image in case someone is visually impaired or the image is not being downloaded.

Images – Images appear in the majority of any multimedia applications. Images can be used to display information on it or be used as a form of evidence to compliment the text running beside it. Images can also be used to redirect you to another page online and should be displayed at a smaller size but the same quality than the original to save memory space. Images can also be displayed as galleries, allowing you to see multiple images in one space.

Audio – Audio is an extremely important form of media to use for interaction between people. Having audio in a website or using it as a form of multimedia allows you to use multiple senses when watching something.

Video – This can run parallel with audio in the fact that video sometimes needs audio to help people to understand the content in the video. Having video alongside with audio and text is a useful form of interaction with people and helping people to understand the details of hat is going on.

Animation – Animation can be quite common in multimedia applications, as they can include all different effects and sounds to interact with people. Using just the mouse and keyboard, you can make an animation interact when you sometimes hover over the animation to make it move. Animations are great for having illustrated pieces presented in a more entertaining way in one area of the page.



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