Pick me up.


IMG_4364 copy

IMG_4365 copyToday, I decided to go and explore the Pick Me Up exhibition. This exhibition held all different young aspiring designers and graduates who are looking to get themselves recognized. What I noticed when I looked around was the trend of colour looming in every corner of every piece. I saw a theme of illustrations in big, bold, bright colours, the majority of them either painted or hand drawn.


IMG_4389 copy

IMG_4386 copy

IMG_4382There were so many ‘bits’ to look at throughout the exhibition, and even showed some people producing their own work in front of you. As I was taking a look around, I saw a card on a small table reading “open me if you’ve had a shitty day” and I asked what that was about. The gentleman explained that its quotes of artists who had written certain things that will make you feel better about yourself; I bought two straight away, but I will refuse to open them until absolutely necessary!

What attracted me to these were the simplicity and the command that it has. Although it uses language that would be seemed inappropriate, it also shows a lot of truth. The idea of mystery behind the envelopes also made me wonder what could be inside it, considering there was nothing else that was clued from it.


IMG_4375 copy

IMG_4374 copy

IMG_4373 As I walked around, I was most interested in the informal slogans written on pieces of artwork. I found during this exhibition that I was extremely interested in the quirky designs that are typical and fun. Moreover, looking at all the quirky designs, I felt like I could have been there much longer than I was to really grasp every piece, seeing as every one was different from the other, or had a different phrase/meaning to them.


IMG_4366 copy

IMG_4372 It was quite inspiring to see what young graduates are doing. To me personally, I see that colour and bright bold designs that are simple and to the point appear to be in the so-called ‘fashion’ in the design industry. I quite like the prints throughout the exhibition also.

IMG_4404 copy


IMG_4378 copyGoing to this exhibition made me think of how I would need to make my website stand out in comparison to others. Because colour and quirkiness appears to be popular, especially in aspiring designers, the thought perhaps of having a bright and bold, yet simple design for my website.


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