What is Digital Media?

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Digital media is about interacting with people in some way that uses a digital device. Whether it is a poster, book, radio or movie, anything that is used digitally so interact someone with something is a form of digital media. A way in which (i.e. Netflix) is a form of digital media, is that although it is just addressing the information to the viewer, it is interacting also, by allowing the viewer to pick and choose a movie, to skip and rate even. Facebook for example is a group-forming site; it allows you to communicate and promote almost anything to anyone worldwide.

 Examples of digital media and how they interact with viewers…


Radio 1 Studio

Radio 1 Studio


Radio is considered a form of digital media, because you got to use technology and computers today to run a radio station. Although radios are created to play music, it is interacting with the viewer with the genre of music they are playing; they are also promoting new songs and the latest trending artist.

People use the radio to get messages out to a large number of people. Because all different kinds of people listen to the radio, you are not limited to just one group such as if you were promoting something or trying to get a message out in a specific design magazine. The radio itself (digital) works using the Internet and waves transmitted, and I find this especially interesting in how it all works. Common radio software/applications used in stations are Myriad, RCS, Radioman and Dalet. I think that the radio is a hugely effective way of communicating to people and interacting without needing a response directly. The radio speaks out precise information that doesn’t require a long time to listen to, judging by how good your listening concentration is.

digital poster

digital poster 2Posters:

Posters are swimming with digital media nowadays. Whether they are stand-alone posters or digitalised. Posters communicate to viewers about the information that is on them – most likely advertising something from a brand. Digital posters however appear to be becoming more and more popular, allowing you to fit on hundreds of adverts at a time on one board by clicking a button on a screen. The advantage of digital posters also, is that they can even communicate to those who are disabled. A blind person for example, could walk past and hear the advert talking to them, than a stand still poster that they would never recognise.

A digital poster works by having the poster set as an animation/image, and is then transmitted over to a company who specialises in digital posters, publishing them in set locations. It can be argued that digital posters are overtaking the ‘usual printed posters’ today, as people are able to promote much more using a screen. It is even being shown that posters can interact with the viewers, making some touch screen that can direct you to certain places, or even show you more information about the product without having to wait until you get home, or look on your phone first.

Some posters that I have digitally have been hugely effective. I especially love the moving posters that



Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 13.44.33



The most popular email software’s are Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird. Webmail can also be used as a service. Emails are definitely considered a form of digital media. For example, if you subscribe to a company, you will be bombarded with emails advertising about their latest products and deals, or to share relevant information to you.

“On email people want offers,” Jenkins says. “On Facebook they want to be more touchy-feely with the brand. On Twitter they want breaking news and updates. The best brands understand that, instead of sending the same stuff across multiple channels.”

People use emails every day to communicate with other people and get information across quickly, without making it public. Emails consist of business, orders, promotions and general conversations. An email works by a series of links that allows you to send or save messages. There are hundreds of links that takes you too all-different pages on your email without you realizing. Each link has a set command with what it is functioned to do. Emails involve a hugely complex form of coding behind to run it, like any other major software. Emails have so much more than just emailing information to another, it allows you to interact with people save files and have a form of privacy with no one viewing your whole profile or personal life.

Charlotte’s idea of digital media

Working in groups we are looking at different examples of digital media an figuring out why we think it is a form of digital media,how people use/work with this media and mechanics of the medium.

I have been given these topics to look at which are ‘Video Games’, ‘Facebook/SocialNetworking’ and ‘Youtube’.

We are using the term Digital Media to refer to any content-based electronic media that is created, distributed and displayed using communication technology for the purposes of entertainment.


Why is it a form of digital media? Well a digital media is any media that has been encoded in a machine-readable format which is exactly what Youtube is. Behind the easy faced website there is many codes creating videos and links etc. Youtube can be created, viewed, distributed, modified and is preserved on computers. Youtube is much more than just a digital media now people use it to interact with each other.

How do people use/work with this media? Youtube is an interactive digital media where people watch and share videos. It can be used as a form of promotion, advertisement and people can interact with one another. You can look at peoples pages find out about different users and also look into different categories on the webpage for example news etc.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 14.06.15

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 14.06.45

I have found the mechanical side of Youtube very interesting in the way that they use many different codes and formats they use to upload videos and help people watch them all over the world. I have also found it very interesting the ‘loading’ sign, knowing that it just a gif file going round and round is bizarre knowing myself that it gives comfort to people informing them that the video is loading when whats behind it is a very technical process.


Why is it a form of digital media? Again just like Youtube, Facebook is a media that has been encoded in a machine-readable format. Facebook again can also be created, viewed, distributed, modified and is preserved on computers. Facebook is the all known most famous Social Networking site, where people share imagery interact with each other and is theoretically a book of faces.

How do people use/work with this media? Facebook is an interactive, social media where people post about themselves and whats going on in the world. Almost like a personal blog and newspaper. Lots of people on a day to day basis look at Facebook not just on the computer screen but on their mobiles and iPads etc. You can look at different peoples pages and interact worldwide.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 14.08.37

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 14.08.47

The Mechanics of Facebook:

Programmes used –

– ‘Facebook uses PHP because it is a good web programming language with extensive support and an active developer community and it is good for rapid iteration. PHP is a dynamically typed/interpreted scripting language.’

– ‘For the database, Facebook utilises MySQL because of its speed and reliability. MySQL is used primarily as a key-value store as data is randomly distributed amongst a large set of logical instances. These logical instances are spread out across physical nodes and load balancing is done at the physical node level.

As far as customizations are concerned, Facebook has developed a custom partitioning scheme in which a global ID is assigned to all data. They also have a custom archiving scheme that is based on how frequent and recent data is on a per-user basis. Most data is distributed randomly.’

Facebook uses many different programmes for many different things looking into this video i found it very interesting to find out how it works from the inside and how they store their data. This was the most interesting part for me.

Will’s examples of digital media

The 3 topics that I have chosen to cover are “Phones”, “Media – Movies, Websites and music” and “Instagram”.

Definition of Digital Media: “Digital media is any media that is encoded in a machine-readable format.”

Mobile Phones

Why do mobile phones fit under digital media? Although phones 10 years ago simply functioned as a way of contacting others, the modern day smart phone has unlimited uses all of which fits under the category of digital media. The app store for example – a huge range of applications designed for mobile phones whether it be games, music apps, social media apps, audio book apps, e-book apps.. I could go on forever because there are so many different apps available. Also, because modern smart phones have access to internet browsers, it means that you can access any website from your phone, most of which are usually mobile friendly. Most smart phones are also kitted out with helpful utilities such as a calculator, weather updates, stocks etc.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 14.14.21The amazing thing about apps, especially with the iphones, is that anyone can have an app made. So if you have an idea that you think is innovative, and original, you can simply pitch the idea to someone with the ability to create it, and bam! A new app for people to download to their phones. A lot of the design work will be done in programs such as photoshop and illustrator, and then all of the interactive parts are added. A very similar process to when creating a website online.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 14.15.11

Movies, Websites and Music


Films/Cinema have changed a huge amount over the years, when it first came about, and people would visit the theatre, they would go just to see the movie and that would be it. Modern day cinema has much more too it, due to the huge impact of social and digital media. When a new movie is announced, there is hype and information posted over all social media pages and there will be a huge amount of discussion about the movie. Movies themselves fit under digital media in the core definition perhaps because of the file type, .wmv, .vlc etc.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 14.15.48


Websites are one of the more obvious parts of digital media, as the entire process of creating a website is done on a computer, and the core purpose of a website is to be viewed online – infact it’s the only way to view a website.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 14.16.27


Music is a big part of digital media, for similar reasons to movies, social media plays such a big part in the music business today. Also there is the point that when a song is released it will be downloaded and played by many people in a digital format, whether it be via websites on the internet, or on someones mp3 player. It is also important to remember that a music video is also often released along side the song, and YouTube plays a big part in the process, where people are enabled to share there comments about the song/video.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 14.17.07

All of these examples for digital media have a certain message. The messages within each one is different, because they are all individually messaging to the right person using the right form of media, meaning they are all designed very differently.

For my website, I have the idea of making sure that it is related to my target audience specifically, but I want it to also catch the attention of other people for amusement. I would like it to be assessed by everyone. For example, if someone was blind, I would need an audio to describe what the picture is and what the text is saying etc.

Ref: http://thecdm.ca/news/faculty-news/2013/10/15/what-is-digital-media











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