What is coding?

Coding is the language written in ‘technology’ that happens behind the screen you are looking at as you speak. It is used to create software’s, apps, websites etc. An example of coding I am always working with, without realizing is on this blog.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 16.15.18My previous post of the basic Photoshop to Dreamweaver tutorial shows this kind of coding almost like a ‘behind the scenes’. You can make out parts of the post I have done, such as the text I have written, but then before or after it, there is some code?! This is the command that the code is asking the screen to show, such as the colour, position and any additional extras I have requested to show.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 16.21.47


Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 16.20.55The coding seems extremely daunting to see at first, but coding is simply one instruction. It has broken down any adaptations in a sentence. Take this example of one sentence in what I have written. It has a change of colour, a link and an underline; this means the code has to command every specific detail to show all of this on the screen. As you go through each one, you can get an understanding of the commands and how specific it needs to be to meet your requirements.

Coding itself is a very technical thing to be able to do. I would definitely say it is on the same level as learning a brand new language and becoming fluent in it. To become fluent in coding, you have to understand that the language of technology is VERY basic. What I mean by this is that a computer relies entirely of transistors.

The binary code represents the transistors, and are in 1’s and 0’s. Each digit represents a transistor (either on/off), and binary codes are grouped into bytes of 8 digits.

8 digits = 8 transistors (01100011)

Because a computer contains over a lifetimes’ amount of these for us to write and control, programming languages abbreviate this into a setting that doesn’t require a genetically modified super-charged brain to do. Within each language, comes a specific program used for all different purposes such as web development, desktop software’s, app designs, math’s etc. To run a program, you need to make sure that the language recognizes the software you would like it to work on.

Ref: http://www.codeconquest.com/what-is-coding/common-programming-languages/


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