Analyzing an egg box.

IMG_3896Looking at an egg box I have at home, I can see on the very front label the lion sign, meaning that the hens that had produced the eggs were thoroughly looked after and have a better quality of life. The label shows hens roaming around in fields and has ‘Class A free range’ labeled all over.

IMG_3897Similarly on the very top, it emphasizes the ‘free range’ at the front also and the hens roaming around in open space, showing the customer that this is supposedly how the hens are living. Because the package has the lion mark on the case, it ensures that the hens are being better looked after than others. The issue is however, is you do not know exactly how free to roam around they are.

IMG_3899The back label shows details about the packaging and where the eggs had come from. It also shows the place where the eggs came from (Tesco).

IMG_3900Inside the packaging, shows all the nutrition contents and more information about the signs and labels put on the packaging, giving a sense of comfort to the customer and a bit more understanding about why that specific sign is on there.





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