Poster idea sketches.

how-to-promote-food-sketchAfter researching about false advertising examples, we decided to draw a few sketches to get the idea of what would be included on the poster. We drew posters with true advertising, and posters with exaggerated wording. What we noticed was that the posters with true advertising did not look so exciting, it appeared more ‘boring’ and did not catch your eye unlike the drawings beside it.


1st-idea2The theme I began to notice when looking at these was that advertising is a constant battle, and advertising has become more exaggerated and extreme over time, to keep up with the competition of other products. Adverts have to always overshadow products, so that people will want to buy it more than the others. With food advertisements, there are so many processed products on sale; they need to make their food product seem better than all the rest. By doing this, they need to exaggerate and tweak their wordings so more people would feel more convinced that the specific product is better than the others with its taste, smell, health and appearance.


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