11 ways advertisers make food look delicious.

As a designer, knowing about the effects of health, would you promote unhealthy choices? I found this article and it shocked me when I saw exactly how people actually make foods look when advertising.

This sort of subject is hugely diverse and open to a lot of opinion, however if you go into a job not knowing exactly what they do, you may feel a little bit cheated; not by just the company, but by promotions as a whole!

As someone who hates fast food, it confirms that people are trying to sell quite vile products to keep a business going, and will do anything to spice the advert up a tad:

1) Glue – Or yoghurt/shampoo to make it look nice and glossy instead of soggy.

2) Sponges, Cotton Balls & Tampons – To make hot food steaming, they embed these into foods after heating them up to allow steam through.

3) A Blow Torch, a Branding Iron & Some Shoe Polish – Just slap on some raw meat and cook only the parts needed to stop the meat going flat…

4) Cardboard & Toothpicks – Think of a hamburger… Now think of it layered with cardboard and toothpicks to give it the height and stability it needs for that show stopping advert.

5) Motor Oil & Some Fabric Protector – To give them runny flapjacks a little more shine.

6) Hairspray and Spray on Deodorant – You always buy them grapes and blueberries from the market that have a matte look on them(?)

7) Glycerin – This helps to give products the cold feeling such as the condensation on beers.

8) Paper Towels – What photographers do here is cut out sheets and stick them (for example) on top of ice cream to drizzle sauce over. This stops the sauce running down the ice cream to the bottom of the bowl to form a soup.

9) The food that makes other foods look good – Mashed potatoes. This food can be used for stuffing meats, ice creams and all other ‘models’ of foods.

10) Antacid & Soap Bubbles – This creates a larger surface area of bubbles in fizzy drinks to make them more appealing.

11) Tweezers – This would be used to add the most pathetic details such as the seeds on top of a burger bun! Tweezers are used for assembling foods in dishes in a certain way and sometimes the objects are glued together.

There are a lot of opinions about the ethics of food advertising, but it’s like I had said, some people do not know the extremes places will go to make their average foods seem like it was made by someone from a top restaurant. All of this promotes the complete wrong idea of food and nutrition, tricking not just young children, but grown adults also.

Ref : http://mentalfloss.com/article/30195/11-ways-advertisers-make-food-look-delicious




  1. Very true, personally I feel that all advertisements do need to be tweaked to get the best, but adding glue to the cereal honestly puts me off wanting to buy it now when I look at the advert!
    I guess it depends what type of food it is, and whether you personally like what it shows?


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