False advertising through fashion.

ALL magazines today manipulate almost every image in their pages, to get the best out of what they print. In average, women in particular see about 400-600 advertisements each day, and that about 68% of girls say magazine models influence their idea of the ‘perfect body shape’.

 Due to this, it is shown that on average, about 30% of women would choose a body figure that is 20% underweight, and 44% that is 10% underweight.

Examples of brands that have promoted products using false advertisement:



ralph-laurenRalph Lauren

Twiggy for Olay







costcoAlthough many designers may not agree with the advertisement they are creating if they knew the real stats about it, some would still go about making it. An example of a company being caught out with its false advertisement was Costco branding Michael Kors handbags ‘starting at 99$’ in 2013.

Maybelline-Lip-glossSimilarly, Maybelline was sued themselves for false advertising of a lipstick that was meant to last 14 hours.

Ref: http://womeninads.weebly.com/statistics.html





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