Green Graphic Design – The nutshell.

Climate change, as we know, is dramatically becoming a problem every day. It is up to us to change it. The issue with this however, is that our own ethics can come to haunt us with this. Are we trying to boss people around with our ethics, or do people genuinely believe to make this change?

Everyone has their own ethics in everything, and what I meant above is that some people’s ethics may be that they don’t believe it climate change, or even don’t believe in doing anything to help it at all – therefore, why should we try to implement our own ethics to them? That’s not technically fair… is it?

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 17.13.58Is it a moral responsibility to sustain our climate?

Personally, yes. This is everyone’s planet, and it was hear before us, and will be here when us individuals pass on. Therefore, we must respect our ‘home’; that is just my opinion, anyway.

I found a really interesting video from Steve Cutts, a designer who created this animation. All of the videos I put up have had an effect on me; otherwise I wouldn’t put it up. Take a look at the video to allow what we as humans are doing to this world:

I thought this was shocking. Yes, we see these adverts everyday, but how often do you really sit down and take it in? not very often I assume. Coming back to the role of Graphic Designers in this perspective, we need to be extremely careful on this topic.

For us, we always demand paper, packing etc. to make sure our product is as good as it can be to sell; we forget about the wastage and not use the resources as effectively as we possibly could?

Again, I found this other video. Although it is a little bit dated and very opinionated, it was interesting to put the facts together and measure up just ‘roughly’ how much wastage us humans produce:

“1% we use of products, 99% left as trash”

“people make stuff useless so we buy more”

^ This is all about the government getting more money = greed.

“ads make us unhappy with what we have”

Just a few of the quotes I got from the video, and they are so true! Ten years ago I had an old Gameboy with Simpsons Road Rage, it was the best game ever and I will argue that it is to this day. Now, kids as young at 6 CRAVE the newest play station?! I wouldn’t know how to work one if I tried. Kids are always unhappy with what they have got, and are always wanting more. The production of the games also are made so they are meant to break after so long of using it, meaning they would have to buy another version of the latest one, keeping up with production:

“We the undersigned, are visual communicators who have pledged to adhere to the following tenets. Above all, we urge all professionals, students and educators to read this manifesto as well – not simply so that they may sign it, but so that they will also think upon its arguments and be encouraged to define their own code of ethics. We also call for educators to take it upon themselves to discuss these issues with their students, for too often do students graduate without having given these topics their due attention. Truly, ignorance is the real enemy here.”

David Goh is a new graduate from Singapore, who stresses that ethics in design are often complicated. If you are poor and are desperate for a job, you will have to take on a job such as branding a Barn Eggs advert. Although you may completely disagree with the ethics behind the design, you are so desperate for money you have to accept the job, which then increases the production of something you hate with your life:

in a nutshell, ethics in graphic design is hugely complicated. I will talk much more about the ethics as I go along with the project, but this post hopefully will give you a little more understanding with the issue of sustainability and ethics of design, and how sometimes we whirl ourselves in a never ending cycle!



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