Brief – Group poster: Ethics for Graphic Design.

briefI would be lying if I said that I was overly thrilled for this project! BUT I would also be lying if I said that it sounded boring when I was first shown the brief. Ethics as a whole is a MASSIVE debate in itself, and hugely interesting. Having studied Ethics in my A-Level, I luckily have some understanding of different views. With Graphic Design however, it works a lot differently in some ways, but similar in others, which I will explore with my group.

Think about it – what debates have you had in the past with people? Take elections and the government for example, people rant for hours and you would yourself just to argue your opinion! At the time, that’s not boring at all? It turns competitive – this is an example of ethics.

The first thing I think about with this project is the constant reminder of ‘teamwork’. To me, this project would be one of the most challenging projects I would have to face, because it means having to coordinate with other people, and make sure everyone is working to get the project done at your best ability.

Personally, I would go about by looking at existing posters, and gathering research to get my head around the ethical issues in relation to Graphic Design; I would also look at the type they use, what works and what doesn’t. Another good approach would be to look up origami methods of folding, and existing packaging/leaflets that fold out in all different ways, making the poster interesting.

With this project, we would need to constantly think about sustainability. We will need to think about what the customer would do after they have read the poster – will they throw/keep it? We would need to try convincing them to keep the poster and/or reuse it for something completely different.


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