The project I based the topic environment on, was the environment of my Coffee Store, where I work as a part-time job. I feel that my project worked really well throughout making it, and the ideas flowed smoothly. The whole initial design was appropriate for the target audience also, appealing to young adults and above. The colour theme of the spread also linked better with the overall theme, complimenting the burgundy appearance, as well as matching the typography in which they use for posters and advertisements. It also gives a ‘warm’ feel to the magazine spread, losing the amount of white space on the page. The burgundy red and the tint over the title page gives a more welcome feel to the article, as well as making it stand out against other plain articles.

The final piece I found was quite fun to do. Because I was able to do this project in an environment that is very personal to me, I found it a lot easier to get better shots, knowing what I was looking for, for the article. What I found the most difficult, was coming up with a good enough idea and keeping it linked with the topic environment, as well as come up with appropriate research to put in my article. However, because I already had a lot of background knowledge, I was able to put a lot more information in my research in depth.

The overall layout is very simple, however it is appropriate for this type of project, as well as the topic I had chosen. Having a lot of images and a complex design could look a little too busy if it was not laid out properly. Especially in the 4 weeks given to dot his project, it would not have been possible to experiment with layout designs; I would have liked to play around with the colours and compositions a lot more if I had more time to do this piece.

photo 1-7

photo 2-7 I even mounted the sheets onto an existing magazine of an old issue of Creative Review, to see roughly what it would look like in a magazine article itself. Because Creative Review is square in dimensions as well, it made it easier to see visually how it would look. I feel that my project also shows clearly to the audience what the article is about, showing an obvious indication with the title page that it is in a public area, and giving obvious ‘hints’ such as slogans, and the Costa Coffee cups in some of the pictures. Although some people may not like coffee, the article is about the opinions of the environment in one. This means it could be interesting for anyone to read, as anyone could relate to it, whether they love coffee shops or hate them, it’s still an opinion.


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