Fictitious Dishes.

Dinah Fried is a writer/cook/photographer who created a series of foods taken from fiction books of nearly two centuries. Dinah quotes the passage from the book under each image to show where she got the image. I felt really influenced by her style of work and the composition of them. Each image is laid out completely different from another, but they are all similar in the layout and how they were photographed.

What was interesting was seeing the foods as described from the books, and looking at what was represented in the photo from the background, to the napkin used for the cutlery. Every image is filled with colour and tone to match the storyline of the book, some gives a more eerie feel to the picture, but others are bright, showing the glow of natural sunlight hitting the picture. I really like how she has taken a picture from a bird’s eye view, showing the details of every piece. Although obviously some pictures appear more ‘gross’ than others, they are all interesting in their own way because of the difference of them all. Thinking of this with my images of the leftover tables, it would be interesting to get a bird’s eye view shot of the leftover tables to see exactly what is left on every corner of the table.



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