Grid systems.

In a nutshell, the golden section is a ratio in which you can use to help you to design an effective grid on a page layout. By using the golden section, it helps you to have a correct composition using this mathematical system. NOTE: the golden ratio is not a law for making beautiful layouts for your design, but it is certainly a useful guideline to skim over now and again, which will help you to improve on your design.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 12.56.18The Aesthetically Usability Effect:

The meaning pretty much says it all in the title. The more aesthetically pleasing the look of your layout, the more of a chance is will be used in reflection. By what I mean with this, is that more people will become more influenced in your style and technique.

The advantage of the golden ratio and other grid systems, are that it can be used for multiple design mediums from web design to fine art.

Van De Graaf’s Canons’ proportions are based on the golden ratio (mostly). It was originally used to structure books to make them aesthetically pleasing. The proportions used in the majority are 2:3. The idea is to draw lines that join from the corners where two lines meet to find a scale where you would place your text. Although it looks complex, it is easy if you label and keep focused on where you are!

I found a really good step-by-step example from someone on wordpress themselves on how his example looked:

I also found another guide on creating grids and columns based on the golden ratio. Although this example is based on a book structure, it CAN sometimes work on articles also:

It would be interesting to see if my magazine structure worked with these layouts, despite the proportion of the page sizes are different as shown to the examples. By using these methods, it would be more beneficial in the long run to know exactly how to scale these methods when designing a layout.



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