My “week” of mini projects.

From Monday to Thursday, I did a mini experiment of testing out 3 projects I could do for my article. The projects I decided to try out were to take an image of the same scene of my coffee shop at 5pm everyday, taking pictures of leftovers on tables and taking an image of every different scene I go to.

Leftovers on tables

Leftovers on tables

5pm shots

5pm shots

Personally, I thought taking pictures of the coffee shop and the tables was the most effective. The article I could write about with these two ideas could be about the general environment of the coffee shop, and comparing the people in it. What I found really interesting, was comparing the differences in the leftovers of tables. It brought almost like a prejudice judgment on the person without intending to. For example, one table was left really messy, and I felt frustrated by them – it turned out they were a lovely family!

Moreover, the shots of the scenes of the coffee shop was especially interesting. When I put them together and compared the differences in the scenes, it became really interesting to look at. This is because of the different people in each scene and their expressions when enjoying the coffee.

Granted, I had a few people looking at me, and one person even asked for me not to have their picture taken! But of course, I had to respect their privacy, and I waited until they had left to take the picture. I can take images of people (more details shown in the blog “Laws”), which got me thinking in doing more imagery that includes people’s expressions more clearly as they are sitting down. If I get images of the whole scene, people sitting down and showing the leftovers of what they leave behind, the article would be really interesting to write about the environment of the coffee shop.

Monday and Tuesday

Monday and Tuesday

Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday and Thursday

I intend to take more pictures next week of the general coffee shop scene, hopefully getting some shots of customers in also as well as taking pictures of the leftovers on tables. Because hundreds of customers come in every day, I would be able to get a good contrast in images, and even get some good shots of the staff working.



I also took some general shots of the shop and as I went along to experiment. By taking photos randomly it helps me to open my eyes a little bit more to my surroundings through a lens. I also experimented with long exposure shots for the ‘fun’ of taking them, but actually they turned out really good! I really liked the idea of movement going in the images, reflecting the idea f the coffee shop being all about movement.

I would like to experiment with long exposures more in the coffee shop, and getting a lot go general pictures that I can use in my magazine article. Because the article will not be very long, I can use the majority of the space with photography.


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