Creative Review articles.

I had a look through the magazines I have from Creative Review, because their layouts are very similar to what the magazine ‘Photography Now’ would look like as it is also in a square format. Luckily, I have got a special photography edition of Creative Review also to see how the articles are laid out for specifically photography articles.

photo 5-5

photo 3-6

photo 1-6In the original edition of one of the magazines, the format of the articles was very similar in the approach of the font size and positions of the text. Quite often, I noticed that the text was separated from the imagery also. Depending on the amount of words written on the article, the text would be at the top or bottom half of the page. If there were less text, the words would most likely be separated at the sides of the page layout with images in the centre.

photo 2-6

photo 4-6

photo 5-6

photoWith the photography edition articles, the photos were much more focused on than the article itself, showing more imagery than writing itself. I noticed also that a lot of these 4-page spreads had the title and a main themed image taking up at least one whole page of the spread, sometimes using a double page spread for it, and then only having 2 more pages for the article itself!

photo 1-5

photo 4-5

photo 3-5 I then looked at another article, and I looked at grids and the layout of the article. I drew up some brief lines of where grids, margins, headers, footers etc. would be placed. I also tried working out how many columns were used in the article. For this one as an example, I counted originally 3 main columns, but as I went to the other page, some text was separated and halved in one of the columns. Because of this, I then noticed that the columns could have been separated more than 3 times in the article.

By doing this experiment, I was able to see the depth of detail in making a double page spread in a very specific format, and seeing the precise measurements used to make the spread. All of the layouts are made in proportion to everything. This style reminds me of the Golden Ratio from when I did the magazine page spread on subcultures.


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