Creating a basic animation.

Animations are a good feature to add to websites and other sites to make something appear much more interesting. They are useful to add that little extra touch. I have made a very basic tutorial on how you can create an animation, slideshow and page transitions online.

Go to Essentials – interactive for PDF. Draw a circle, fill it and then using the pencil tool, draw a ‘squiggly’ line going down. Select both; go to window – interactive – animation (for example). Convert it to motion path at the bottom right.

Go to SWF preview and click – this allows you to preview. On the other box you can adjust the duration.

Repeat using another shape and line. Do the same process. Go to window – interactive – timing to get them to play at the same time. Select both in the menu and click ‘play together’.

 Adding a feature – Make another shape, on the animation box, click on preset, and select a feature. (For example, pulse), click on loop to keep it pulsing!

When saving, click export, save as a SWF file, edit your settings and save.

 Creating a slideshow.

Import images, select them and go to window – interactive – object state. Convert them to object state. Create two shapes, they can be anything you want but this is just to show you as an example.

If you choose a square shape as an example, you can make rounded corners by selecting on the shape, and clicking once on the yellow blob and move them, curving the edges.

 To make the button, click on window – interactive – buttons and states. Add an action and select ‘go to next state’ in this case. To change the colour as you hover over, go to the buttons box, and select on the rollover where you can change the colour if you wish to.

 Making a page turn.

Create a new document, make a few pages and colour each one different so you see the transitions. To just have the pages to turn, export the file and click ‘include interactive page curl’ at the bottom of the information, where you can drag the corners to turn the page.

You can adjust the transitions by selecting the page, clicking on transitions and selecting one you would like for that page.


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