Interesting photojournalists.

Being a lover of photography myself, I’m always intrigued to see what other people put out there. On Instagram especially, people blog their daily activities or have a website in which they show what they do. Quite often, they get paid to produce certain pieces others do it as a hobby to share with people about themselves and what they do in the world. I know a few personal examples that I follow and scan through very frequently – purely because their images are so interesting and they make you want to look more into who they are and what they were doing at that point in time when they took the photo!

Sjana Elise Earp –

Sjana is an Australian girl who has got her fame from writing blogs, which had then developed to her creating a website and showing her lifestyle through images on Instagram. The majority of her images show her posed in an area, doing a particular activity such as yoga, going out or her in a surrounding. All of her images are spilling with colour, and every image appears different to the other. She travels a lot also, which is what makes her images so interesting, because each image leaves you wondering what she’s doing there and how she came about with her travels.

What Olivia did –

Olivia’s work is a lot different to Sjana’s. Her blog is also about her lifestyle similarly, but she relates her photojournalism more to fashion. Her boyfriend takes all of her images as they tour across London to find the beauty spots. Her blog is packed with tips, ideas and what she does for her living. Her website is incredibly interesting to look through and have a scout, because she always talks about what she does in the post. The journey she has made to get to where she is at is what keeps people interested in her, finding out what she did and where she will go next.

Keir Hardy –

Keir is a Creative Director based in London. Although he not officially a photojournalist, his photography shows a huge depth of detail and information to where he is at that point in time. His photos are intriguing in the compositions and make you wonder what he was doing at that time, and what made him take that picture in that time. Although he only takes the picture at the time because he wanted to, the style of the photo still makes you look closer at it and scan through other images, because every one is so different from the other.

 A little about photojournalism…

Photojournalism is purely journalism where people collect, edit and present different images and stories from them that people would enjoy. It grew mainly in the 1920-30’s, where people would take spontaneous images of people at that decisive moment. Photojournalism however did quickly spiral into a nosey way of looking into people’s lives. Celebrities as an example would be shot consistently because people wanted to know what they were doing all of the time.

Early examples of (some) photojournalists included:

Ernest Cole – Famous for being the first photographer to release the conditions of South Africa under apartheid.

Ernst Haas – His turning point in his career began after publishing the photo-story of Homecoming Prisoners of War.

Mary Ellen Mark – Mainly recognized in her work for the themes of children acting like adults. She produced a documentary approach ‘with a fascination with the bizarre’.

Erich Salomon – Known for his off-guard pictures of celebrities, politicians and events happening.

An interesting idea I could come up with my article, is to produce a piece that could be based around photojournalism and about how and why we take pictures of the environment around us, and why it interests us so much to look at an individuals life to see what they are doing. With this, I could show to people the fascination of looking at another person’s life in the world, and understanding the differences with your life and theirs.

My target audience therefore for my project would be focused on aspiring adults. The age range would be from matured teenagers (16), and there would be no limit on how old the audience would have to be to be interested in the article and the images used within it. The topic of photojournalism is massive, and different people of different ages, ethnicities, religion etc. shows interest in other people’s lives. It even gives tips, advice and inspiring ideas to people all over the world, each of whom are trying to make the world a better place in their eyes.



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