Semiotics and Connotation.

My app design shows a series of events in order to help someone who lives on a daily budget a more beneficial way of handling their money, and being able to still enjoy having a social life. Every button that is used in the app design is a signifier, taking you to another page, helping you to reach your destination of what you would like to look for in the app.

The point of my app is to make people feel comfortable about having a daily budget, and being able to manage their money without feeling like they are over/under spending too much. Because people feel happier when they feel like they are in control of their money, this app is a great way of promoting this, as well as helping you find the best deals around you.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 13.47.44Although there are many apps that are related to budgets, the difference with the app I am producing, is that is includes a combination of all different features of different apps, and merged them all into one app. When people see my app for the first time, they may just assume it is another budget app, until they realize that it is much more than that, and it is also a time saver for those who don’t have much time to sit down and think about what they are doing next or don’t have time to search on all different apps just to try and find one deal. The benefit of this, is that people wont have to go around 5/6 different apps to get the information that they are looking for during the day such as going out, travelling places and even home cooking.

_66398899_impulsebuying3After looking on the BBC website, I found a few important studies about money and how money makes us feel more secure and powerful. A survey of which over 109,000 people participated, half said that they ‘resent paying the full price’ in shops, and that ‘a third said they felt anxious when spending money on themselves’. This really interested me because I thought about my app in relation to these concerns, and a way of making people feel less anxious and more secure with my app, is that my app will help you to find the best deals around on essential everyday products. If I were to develop my app more, I would include clothing and other luxuries also to give more comfort to people, however with what my app currently features, a lot of these concerns should be compressed, because my app helps people to make the most out of what they got, and hopefully surprise them into thinking they can spend their money on what they want to buy without feeling the guilt or worry after.

The journey through my app:

 Confused -> App -> Homepage -> Budget allowance -> Day planning -> In control -> Comfort -> Organized -> Happiness



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