My proposal for Design Factory.

My project for the Design Factory is to come up with something that would make a lot of viewers relate strongly to my idea. I have decided to come up with the idea of a student budget app that helps students (and others) budget daily and see what deals they can find with the budget they have on the day. Being a student myself, I find myself looking upon about 5 different apps daily to try and find they best deals around in order to keep within my budget so I don’t over spend by accident. My app will incorporate features from all different apps and merge them all into one app. for example, the example of Google maps and recipes online will be on this one app, to save you going on all different apps/online to try and find one destination/recipe you want.

The target audience for my app will be aimed at students. Because students vary in age, all people who are students need to budget in order to help with their finances. People who live on a daily budget can also use this app if they wish however. An issue that would occur with the student budget app is the impression of it being like any other budget app, or that people will be put off buying it because it is for students. I intend for the app (if it were to be real) to be free to use, and it would get its money from sponsors of companies that it will incorporate in the app itself.

Moreover, the app would need to have access to the Internet; you can login your account through any device, which will allow you to see your details if you have something other than your smart phone on you. I intend to keep the app as simple as possible in the design, because it is a complex app with a lot of different features, it could get too confusing if their was an over the top decorated theme.

Hearing many students and people in general complain about the difficulties of finding a deal or trying to plan what they would spend in the day or even managing to stay within their budget in the day, my app would help people to manage their budget more than other apps, as it would have all different features inside it. You would have a login when you first come onto the app as well as an introductory of the app.

In conclusion, my app is an app, which contains features of all different apps. It is an app, which would help people to save time, and save a few pounds that they can store away or spend to how they wish. The overall point of my app is to help people budget on what a student would do everyday, whether it be cooking what they have in their cupboard, travelling to university or trying to find a cheap place to go out and enjoy their selves.


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