Colour themes.

I looked at colour themes for my app, and looking at money-related sites. I noticed that the majority contained colours such as green, orange and different greys including almost black. I really liked the theme of using greens, oranges and blacks as the main layout, this is because these colours I find are closely linked with the idea of money involved. When it comes to selecting one topic, the whole theme would change to a simple colour such as white and a themed colour specified to that topic, in order to help the viewer navigate their way around. This is to help the viewer know what category they are in, which would be explained in an introductory guide when you first ‘log-in’ or ‘create an account’. I don’t want the viewer to feel intimidated by the app in thinking you need a lot of money to use it, I want them to feel reassured that they can spend money wisely.

A common site I use is Adobe Color, an american based website; my dad is a decorator and recommended I use this site. It helps you to find colour schemes that works best fit for what you are searching for. Because my app is about money, I tagged it in and these were the main colours I got:

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 19.07.06

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 19.06.35There were hundreds to choose from, but my favourite combination were the mix of darker greys and oranges. I feel that orange is less intimidating when referring to money, and can be used as a main theme for the app. The greens however I feel would look good on my app logo icon. This is because it is small and is not consistently in your face if you wish for it not to be. I will only use the dark grey and orange colours for my homepage, the rest of the layout would be different and kept clean and simple with one colour running throughout each category; this is so that it doesn’t get too confusing for the viewer when looking through my app, considering there is a lot of information that will be going into the app.



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