Titles for my app.

After looking at different budget app titles, I realised that a lot of them had words included such as ‘saver’, ‘money’, ‘budget’ etc. Although my app is related to students, I didn’t want to specify that in the title that it would be given, because I want people to be drawn to what the app was before they read the details and description of the app.

photo 3My favourite two were ‘money manager’ and ‘penny tracker’. I thought these two would be the most appropriate for my app, because my app is all about managing your money and seeing where you are spending. I did however find that using the word ‘manager’ and ‘tracker’ made the titles almost feel like you had to have a large sum of money to use my app, or the idea of the title being listed as ’tracker’ could give the wrong impression of the app being about you trying to find the cheapest option and it would give the results to how much you would exactly spend in a certain place. For my category on travel it would work, however the listed deals would not work with this title, as it doesn’t specify exactly how much you would spend if you found a discount on a certain date.

I thought about what my app includes, and thought that the idea of it being called ‘penny checker’ seemed the most appropriate. The word ‘penny’ relates more to my app, as the app is about you saving those extras pounds/pennies to help you save more, and the word ‘checker’ enables you to keep on track with what you are spending, without you feeling like you have to track every move you make.

photo 1



UnknownI felt really inspired by doing an image for my app icon than do a logo of my title. By seeing these examples, using picture imagery address more to hat the app is about, and it would give the customer familiarity to what the app is about if they were to look at it.

photo 2I decided to design a few ideas myself, and I thought of including an element of each category in the app logo. Although too much imagery would look too crowded in an app logo, I thought about keeping it really simple. My favourite design was having a few layers of money notes, with a silhouette of a wine glass and a knife in the centre. The idea of having the wine glass next to the knife gives the impression of a knife and fork, however a subtle difference to replacing it with a wine glass would make the customer understand that the app is not just about money and food, but also socialising when hey look at it at first glance.

I did think about adding a pound sign on the logo, however if I were to make the app an international application, the pound sign would be limited. If the app was real, I would suggest designing different elements that would make the pound sign appropriate worldwide on a later date if the app was proven successful across the UK.





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