Fonts to use.

After the project on the book cover, it inspired me to think more carefully on what fonts I would be using. The idea of using a sans serif and a serif when mixing fonts together taught me a lot on managing my type, and choosing the type that is appropriate for your target market.

Personally, I like the idea of having the title in the style of the serif, because if there is too much serif style on the page, it could make it quite hard to read and confusing, whereas if it was used only as a title/sub-title, it would separate it from the rest of the text without overwhelming the whole appearance of the app. Using a sans serif as the main body of text is easier to read, and can be understood by the majority.

serifsBecause a large target audience needs to be able to read my app, I think a simple type that is good for small text would be Geneva and Book Antiqua. The styles between the two are similar with the tail of the ‘Y’, and the shapes of the ‘E’. When considering the target audience with type, I thought about the possibility of noise of them not being able to read what the text is saying properly. By having a simple font to read that is also not as simple as Arial, it could keep them engaged in what they are looking for.

arrow The idea of denotation and connotation with my app, is that it would make the audience view everything in one app, saving as they go along and being able to track the history of what they have done so that they can help to budget more. With this all in mind, it would help them to feel in control of what they are spending, but also being able to go out and have fun and spend their money on bits that they may not have thought they could spend it on such as going on days out etc.


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