How other people would feel with my design.

After doing the poll for the most favourite idea that people would like me to do, I decided to carry on with the idea of creating a budget app. I then got thinking about how other people would design my idea in order to help avoid having a narrow mind when designing the piece.

I thought about the idea of asking people how they would design it and the journey to help expand my thoughts. After asking a few people around, I noticed the majority spoke about how they would like it to be clear and easy to look at. They also mentioned how a simple layout is easier to understand, which I agreed with because you could then remember it more and use it.

quoteI saw this quote and I instantly agreed with it. Personal experiences I remember when I think about this quote was when I was doing my GCSE Graphics, and I had one specific teacher who dedicated her time to helping me achieve my top grade. I don’t remember what she did exactly, but I remember whenever I sat down with her she made me feel confident in myself and a sense of reassurance; this, I would like to incorporate this feeling of emotion in my app design.

Other examples relating to this quote from other people are:

‘Going to a lecture, not remembering what they say but you remember you felt bored.’

‘Being so drunk on a night out, you don’t remember what happened, but you remember the feeling of having a wicked time!’

‘1999, Before the Millenium. I don’t remember much at that point but I remember being exceptionally happy as a child.’

‘My first date with my boyfriend. I don’t remember what we spoke about, but I remember the way he had his arm around me and buying a strawberry daiquiri.’

All of these experiences from other people made me realise that emotions happen when you go through a certain experience. It made me think about the quote ‘Actions speaks louder than words’ and how you remember the feeling of that action, whether it is physical of psychological. For my app, it would hopefully prove to have both of these experiences, which I hope would make the viewer remember my app more than others, and also feel comfort and in control of their money.

Ethical issues: Although I would like my app to be free and available for everyone to use, I need to be cautious of the invasion of privacy of people if they were to save their details on a personal login account and ensure no one can hack into their details. Although my app would be mostly aiming at students, the majority of people can use the app to help them manage their money.

Moreover, because people trust my app to be able to save their details, the issue of having an automatic location finder on the app could cause some issues due to the invasion of privacy of people. The best way I could help to prevent this is have the option to choose other locations on the filter button. The benefit of having an automatic location finder however would be that people could feel a sense of comfort that they would not need to try and look up where they are, and rely on my app to help them direct them to where they intend to go.

I thought back also at the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs and thought about my app relating to this. The intention of my app is to make the customer feel in control of their money spending, and to feel powerful, like they have achieved something if they had saved money over the weeks. The consistent desire to save money and use it for other desirable needs such as going out to a party or buying the latest item of clothing – people will always go for the mile when they got just an inch.


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