Design & Emotion.

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I came across this website, which I found incredibly inspirational! Marco Vanhout is a designer who specializes in emotion-driven design. His website I spent HOURS looking through!

There were 5 blog posts he did that stuck out the most from the rest of his work. The first one was an emotional advertisement campaign, and making clever use of the objects around us to also use as adverts. The example of the mans mouth being the exhaust, so it looks like smoke is being blown out is quite shocking to see, but also really striking.


Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 16.33.04I especially liked the idea of the bags. I think the one with the duck took me by surprise the most. The bag is easy to understand, and the position of the ducks neck makes it look like you are carrying a dead duck, as if you were to blame for the death of it.


Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 16.34.36

This advert of the smoking on cigarette packaging I found made me feel like I was put to a little bit of shame. In comparison to normal cigarette packing you would see everyday, the packing on this is shaped like a mouth, and when you open it, it has the name and number of a helpline.


This advertising was brought from South Korea, and is like another alternative to online shopping. As you are waiting somewhere, you can scan items you may need when on your way home/out, and you can have them delivered to your door. Although there is already online shopping out there, I thought it was a really good NEW way of doing this, especially if you are in a rush anywhere.


I want this car. That’s all I have to say! The fact that you can have an actual car that LIGHTS UP in the dark?! The idea behind this design is fantastic. A way that this could have been developed is if you could create an app that you could then make your own patterns/designs on your car. You could even have it synced to your music so that the lights flash in time with the music (an idea to think about?). Although you can already sort of do this, I think it would be cool if they could design their own background pattern!


Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 17.18.06This last post I found, I felt it was really unusual but clever. I love how they have simply used the packaging in a way to help comfort the person buying the product, showing how that specific tea can relate to the mood that you are in when drinking it.

Kikkerland-Pixel-Heart-Morphing-MugBeing someone who suffers with anxiety and depression, I was inspired by this design to think about designing mugs that change when filled with hot drinks. With examples already out there, I was thinking of having quotes and messages that helps people who suffer, sending messages of comfort to make them feel better. I could even expand to putting messages on teapots and frying pans etc. They do not necessarily have to be linked to depression if I was to expand this idea however.

Taking my experiences with depression a little further…

I had a look on Google to see what designs there are that specifically related to depression, and although I did not find much that inspired me, it was interesting to see how they are created. An issue I have with creating something relating to this topic is the sensitivity it could cause on a lot of people.



cranky_depressionAlthough I want people to feel emotion if I were to design something relating to this, it could give the impression that depression is bad, and that people who suffer need ‘special’ objects and stuff for them to make them feel better. My intention would be to give small messages that would relate to how they are feeling, and to make them feel better (comfort words), but a lot of people may feel offended. The idea itself can be seen as quite vague also – there wouldn’t be much to expand upon.


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