What is the design Factory?

The Design Factory is an annual competition that is held for higher education students that involve a variety of topics that link to the world surroundings around them, and challenging them to creating something that may appear completely simple, but the thought process behind each brief is highly underestimated. A number of talented students are selected and compete against another to make it to the finals, where they would then be able to create something as a team. The winners are able to present their work in an exhibition inside the Design Museum, where it is all held.

A little about the Design Museum

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 12.13.14The Design Museum is a very famous museum held in London, which is devoted to new and different designs ranging from architecture, to graphics, to fashion. The museum shows how design is anything to what you want it to be, and how design is something that is one of the most essential things in our lives. Without design, nothing would be here (basically).

The museum is hugely passionate about what goes into the museum. They include anything – literally! Because design can mean anything, it’s all about your imagination that is what helps make your work so successful (or so it seems). The museum isled by Deyan Sudijic OBE, and is governed by 16 trustees to help keep it running as well as supporting charity organizations.

AS WELL as this, the museum also allows people to volunteer at the museum. Having the opportunity to volunteer at a design museum could be seen as a major advantage, allowing you to be able to get a real insight of the museum and what it holds, also it could help you to crack a few doors open to what you would like to achieve in life. As you can tell already, it is not only just a museum full of pretty objects, it is a place that allows aspiring designers to be able to find a path or at least help them have a clearer vision.

Take a look at some of the videos of designers of their personal favourite choices in the museum – some you may never have expected!





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