What engages me with design?

Being a little stuck with what I can create in such a short space of time, I decided to start on what topics I can personally engage with. I made a list of what I can personally engage with to try and think of any ideas of inspiration.

IMG_2980I then had another thought, and thought about what kind of everyday things effects me, even without me thinking it does.


IMG_2981I came up with 3 quick ideas that I could maybe think about with my project. The first one was a billboard, which is life-size and you can personally move the boards around and flip them. Each side would have an image of you, and the other side of someone you aspire to be, but I hated this because there wasn’t any point in it for this project.

The second one I got from the inspiration of Bill’s restaurant and their little menu of products of theirs. I thought this was a really nice idea, however I would need to find a café/restaurant to do this.

The third one (yes, we’ve established I cant draw) was that you have either a flip book or it would be computerized of your so-called ‘perfect’ people which you can merge together to see whether they really are actually perfect or not. I thought this was far too addressed to young women only so I don’t think it is suitable, not for a variety anyways.


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