A small bit of inspiration.

Chloe Meineck was a previous designer who exhibited her work at the Design Museum. Her project was based around people who suffer with dementia and memory loss. She creates the so-called ‘memory-box’, where you put in favourite objects relating to one person, and as that object is placed in the box a memorable piece of music would be played.

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 16.33.07

The idea this came from was her lack of understanding with her Nan who suffered with dementia. She wanted to keep people personal to those loved ones around them. Because music affects a certain part of the brain that is least effected by dementia, you remember it more against anything else such as family and friends.

The box works like an oyster works when travelling. There is a chip, which you can attach to an existing object, or make a new object and place it inside. Inside of the box, there is a reader that picks up the information of the chip that enables it to play music relating to that particular object. This can help to remind people who suffer with dementia of memories that could relate to that particular piece of music, and therefore, remember the people they shared that memory with.

I have felt really inspired by her work and the effort she had put in to try and ensure older people get the right treatment and care – similar to babies. Older people who suffer with memory loss need more reminders to who they are and who is around them, and this memory-box I think is an amazing way of being able to demonstrate this.



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