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I looked back at the Youtube videos on the margins, and one of the books I really felt inspired by the design. The book has an image of someone walking on a tight rope at the front and the rope goes along the whole design of the cover from front to back. At the margin, then rope inverts as does the design to separate it from the whole cover, but it is still linked (if that is worded correctly?)

photo 2-8I thought about using stick men as the actual design. The whole detail of the design would be in one colour and would look like it had been literally drawn on – I preferred the idea of having the cover informal but professional. The image would go across the whole design and there would be two stick men pulling the same rope with a few objects that you could relate motivation to.

Objects that remind me specifically of motivation:

Carrots, weights, books, trophies, rewards, emotion (love heart), grades, animals.

— Thinking of these objects, I have the idea of putting them on a rope and giving off the impression of two people pulling against a rope like they were playing the game of tug-of-war.

photo 1-8

photo 3-6 I also had another look at colours. Previously shown, I had a look at the colour scheme in relation to emotion, and I narrowed the colours down to 5, which I think could be the most appropriate for the drawing of the image. Each colour represents a certain mood or emotion, and I thought about using either a bright blue or a vibrant orange. The blue I would keep bright and bold so it doesn’t seem depressing, however I think orange may also work well as it is a colour of enthusiasm and anticipation.

The font I am not sure on what I will be using, I am thinking of using a typeface that is quite bold but not too ‘outgoing’. I think using the same colour as the image for the title would be appropriate so that the book doesn’t look like I have thrown on a rainbow, or too blocky in colours.

How I would do these images, is I would perhaps do them on illustrator/Photoshop and make it look like I have drawn them on, I will then put the design (each page) on Indesign to piece it altogether.


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