Ideas and Sketches.


I decided to draw up a few front cover quick sketches. I drew the sketches based on my first initial thoughts when I think of motivation. I’m not sure I like any of these sketches, because they are all TOO specific on one particular subject related to motivation.

The problem I can find with this is the fallacy of people perceiving the book to be mainly about just that one topic, when in reality it is about motivation in general. I think it would be better to keep the cover very neutral and open to opinion. I think with this idea, people can draw up their own conclusions if I were to use an image that could mean anything with the word motivation without it looking too specific, therefore attracting more of the target audience and not narrowing to a few selected groups.

The subject would be different if the book was made like a series, however because it is just one book, I have to make sure that the audience knows it is about anything. In a set of series books, you can be more creative and make each cover specifically to one subject included in the book because the people reading it will understand that the book will cover more than just what was on the cover.


I decided the easiest way I would get some ideas for inspiration to put for an image on my cover, is to brainstorm as much as I could, anything that reminded me of motivation and to show the link from how I had thought of it.



The titles circled are the main topics I wanted to show, and everything else had been branched from that topic. Some branches from the topics have been repeated so that I could see myself visually the similar links between some. I thought this was the best way to show my thoughts of ideas that I could use to produce my front cover, which then would be followed by the back cover etc.

IMG_2315 I then immediately had some ideas to jot down. Both sketches show someone showing the motivation, but there is something stopping it happening. I thought this was a clear way of demonstrating motivation by showing how everyone is motivated, but something is always stopping them, which in theory the book is about how you can overcome that defeat.

The two sketches I thought were more appropriate than the others, because they are related to anyone and there is no specific topic that the image is trying to promote to the public. The images are completely open to opinion; therefore different people can draw up different conclusions and theories to the image.


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