Motivation and Moods.

Before I look at book covers, I thought it would be interesting to see the link between motivation, moods and colours. Each of these link with each other and can rapidly increase of deteriorate, depending what state you are going go down.


1 – Lets take decision making as a point. Making the wrong decision can instantly change your mood and therefore your motivation is dramatically decreased. An example being if you are designing a complex piece that just WONT go your way, you lose motivation in it and you get more and more frustrated.

2 – The change in your emotion will effect hugely on your motivation from this. If you were to want to go to the gym but you suddenly had a huge argument with your partner, you will suddenly not feel motivated to go out anymore (maybe) and will want to grab the next ice cream tub in your freezer.

3 – Because of this mood change also, it will affect everything else you do. Emotions are a huge aspect to your thoughts and general do-ing. Emotions are subjective and therefore can be controlled, but it is extremely difficult to get back into the routine.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 16.06.22

I have managed to find a diagram of colours that resemble almost any emotion you can think of, and the colour that would most closely resemble it. I thought this was a really good source of research to look at in order to try and get a feel of emotions and what colour you would associate with that emotion.

This would be able to link really well with the book cover of motivation, because you can link (with whatever you are doing) with the colours used to give the reader a feel of the emotion being portrayed.


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