Book Cover brief.

Untitled-1 Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 15.17.06The brief we have been given to do has only been allowed a week to do. The book cover is a non-fiction book about motivation by Penny Rutherford. The brief is included with a blurb and it has to be a Penguin based book.

We have been given the choice to produce a front cover, margin and back design of our choice with the elements required to give to us. In a week, I will look at different motivations, book covers, layouts and what makes the good ones successful, as for the opposite examples also.

My initial thoughts and ideas are to create a photographic cover for my book, however I will also explore typography and other design covers that have been used, and to match an appropriate design for the book. I am still unsure to what design I will produce, but I will try to get as much research as I can with relevant sketches to narrow down my design.

Who is my book aimed at? My book will be aimed mainly at all ages from young adults and up. The book I would like to keep quite professional looking, but not too ‘old-school’ with the drawings. I would like it to be appealing to everyone within that age group.

From looking previously at target audience, I will need to consider the process communications and make sure that it appeals to almost everyone as much as I could. Possible ‘noises’ that could prevent my cover being successful could be the design not standing out from other designs, or that the title cannot be read properly, or people would feel put off with the overall theme.


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