Double page spread design. (brief-ish)

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 16.25.31

I decided to work on one design layout using Indesign, and my first attempt I came out with this. I thought it would ben nice having a bigger image at the top, but immediately I realize that although it looked nice, the brief specifically want more than just one image, and adding more images on top of it just made it look cluttered.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 16.26.04

I then thought more about my layout and looked back at my sketches. The design I was originally making was good, but I need to simplify it EVEN MORE. I decided to keep all the columns the same, and use the Futura font for this one. In the text, I enlarged a quote and wrote a rhetorical question to the public to engross them more into the article! The colour red I chose as a colour theme, because red was a popular colour used for women as it is quite a rich colour to use.

I thought also about symmetry, and thought it would be more appropriate to use more imagery than text, and have the text only lined out on the inside-edges of the pages of the double spread. Also, I have purposely left a gap for my font cover design to go again, because I noticed that a lot of the times in magazines they use the main image from the article.

After I have created my font cover, I will print off my double page spread to make sure that it looks okay printed, as printed outcomes look a lot different to screen outcomes.


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