Tutorials for my front cover (?)

I had a look at photo manipulations online, and thought about which ones would be most appropriate if I were to use them for my front cover, following from the sketches I have made previously.

I had spent HOURS looking online, because there are hundreds of tutorials online! However, a lot of the tutorials are not specifically for what you may be doing, therefore, you have to try and find one which you may think is best suited for your piece.

I managed to find a few tutorials (free), which I could incorporate in my front cover piece. Why do a photo manipulation and not a photograph? Personally, I love photography, but I like making something out of that photograph. Moreover, the front cover is supposed to resemble the subculture I am doing, therefore, I would not want to show a complete ‘photo-shoot’ of how they dressed and acted. I want to add some creativity to it and how we can incorporate the modern aspects of today into it to show how the subculture has evolved through time and it has not been completely lost.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 15.06.52

1 – invisibility

What I really like about this tutorial is I would be able to easily cut someone out from their clothing, and only have what they would wear. I think that this is a really good idea to use, as you can still show their attitude without needing their facial expressions. The idea of objects such as a cigarette hovering ‘in mid air’ could be made out to be slightly humorous!



2 – ripping open

These two tutorials are interesting. If I got it right, I could really pull it off! What I would need to make sure of is I haven’t just stuck someone on a cover with a leather jacket coming out of his or her chest. I could maybe change the position to a girl rolling up her sleeve, and under the sleeve could be tattoos and a leather jacket, and her face could be made up? On the surface, there could be just ordinary clothes?


3 – smoke

If I were to change the smoky skull into a greaser, that would look good! But now I am thinking more about it, I feel like if I used this tutorial, it could be promoting smoking rather than promoting the subculture. With this tutorial, I would have to be VERY careful with how I designed it. Someone smoking can still be allowed at the front, however it should be obvious to what it is promoting (AKA anything but smoking), which can be very tricky.

maxresdefault copy



I did a few more sketches relating to these tutorials. I really like the idea of someone coming out from somewhere, and as they step out they transform into a so-called ‘greaser’ than an average person. I also really like the idea of having someone dress up like a greaser, and have the body parts of them missing. I think I would definitely have to experiment with a few of these tutorials to see which one I think works better… who knows the first experiment may be the one I use!


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