– A system of ideas and ideals, especially one, which forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy.

The ideology of subcultures is all about going against the mainstream of what is going on at the time. Originally, subcultures design what they wear/do/perform in order to have their own identity and not to sell it (not until later on anyway).


Us as humans, we all follow a very specific set of rules and laws around us. Some laws we may not agree on such as taxes for some, and some laws we follow because as a culture, we would find it ‘sick’ such as murder.

But why do we think it’s horrible to murder? What morals do we actually have to say it is wrong? Its not just one personal opinion, it’s the whole society and the majority of the world!

Everyone has their own beliefs and understandings, but we got into groups and discussed how own thoughts and opinions to the different punishments of these 3 people who have gone against the ‘law’ in some way or another:

  • An old lady stole a bread of loaf.

No matter whether she was rich or poor, giving to charity or having it herself. Stealing is stealing! Although just a loaf of bread (in this case) is not much, we decided to give her just a warning, and then have her on record if she is caught doing it again.

  • An MP embezzled millions of taxpayer’s money.

Being a taxpayer myself, I would give that MP a nice 50% fine of the money he took and in jail for 10+ years. It may seem harsh but at the end of the day that is stealing from a HUGE number of people who have worked hard to earn their money!

  • Serial killer killed prostitutes and a schoolgirl

Prostitutes or children, humans are still humans. I am COMPLETELY against any form of this, and therefore I would jail him for life. I would not put him to death, because I feel that by doing that, you are saving him the embarrassment and shame for the rest of his life. I would also lock him in a concrete room.


Of course, my opinions may be a little harsh or some people may think I should be harder on them. But everyone has their own beliefs and opinions, which is why when I go back to talking about subcultures, subcultures have their own set of ideologies. Greasers in the US have their set of beliefs of not following society and creating a form of identification of themselves, which I am strongly influenced by!


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