Items that signify Greasers.

How do they work and what does it signify?


Red lipstick – Red lipstick was big for women because of the bold statement it portrayed. Red is often signified for being the colour of lust and love; women who wore it at the time were very glamorous in a different way to how women would usually look.


Hair gel – This was huge for men. Their hair was an essential part of the look. Often there would be advertisements in buying the strongest gel to keep the hair in the exact position all day.


Leather jackets – Leather jackets portrayed a ‘tough’ look, especially on young and naïve men who raced about. Similar to denim jacket and personalizing them, it is a statement to show that they were rebellious.


Cars – Greasers loved modifying cars/bikes etc. they raced them about and was always competing to who would modify a better car. To them, the better the car looked, the better they looked against others.


Boots – Another fashion icon they wore. The boots were not as major as the jackets, but they were hugely popular amongst the men.


Alex Turner’s style demonstrates a classic example of what a 50’s greaser used to look like


Cigarettes – Smoking was just a normal everyday habit almost everyone did in the 50’s. A greaser who smoked would help with his or her look in the ‘I don’t care what no one says’ attitude.


Hair comb – ANY guy who forgot his comb would be in trouble! Because the hair was styled in such a specific way, they had to keep a comb to keep redoing their hair to get it how they wanted it to look, whether it is a natural messy look or glued to the hair.


Stilettos – I noticed a lot of women wore kitten heels or high skinny stilettos with jeans or a ‘flowy’ skirt. Having this worn with the style of clothing female greasers wore completed the rebellious attitude they signified.


Hairstyle – for women, the hairstyle was always big and specifically made up. No female greaser would go out look natural in the way they looked. Similarly to men, the hair was an icon for female greasers. It’s like having a formal outfit on, but you either have no bag/hat/accessories … it just doesn’t look complete!


Rock music – Greasers loved their rock music and often was heavily influenced by the style they had. Because rock was becoming a new major thing at the time, everyone saw it as something that went against the natural society, which again gave the greasers the rebellious look towards them.



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