Items that signifies greasers. (2)

What I decided to do is narrow down the items I thought signified the greasers just to 3. The 3 I chose were red lipstick, leather jackets and smoking. The reason I chose these 3 were not because that’s what I thought signified them the most, but what I thought would be the most interesting to develop from them.

photo 3.PNG

photo 1

photo 2

I drew up some sketches under the 3 topics I had chosen. In this project of my chosen subculture, the magazine front I wanted to keep quite modern, but still have the same look and theme that the greasers in the 50’s had executed. There are still modern greasers today, who have slightly adapted the original subculture and made it their own, and that is what I wanted to incorporate and show how the subculture has moved on through time, but the style of it is still heavily influenced.

All of the images would be done using photography. I think photography is the most appropriate use of media to use for this project for the front cover, because I want to keep the image looking realistic. All of the images that relate to greasers are quite serious and posed in a certain manner. They are all either smoking, leaning against something or general posing to the camera; my modern take on the classic greasers I would want to keep very subtle, and not make it look like a fashion photo-shoot because it is for a front cover of a design magazine.

Evaluating existing covers in comparison

I decided to print out some front cover designs from some of the more recent issues. I noticed when looking at the designs a very obvious link with some. On all of the designs however, they all had virtually no text apart from one. If you add text about the magazine on the front it will lose the focus of the whole image itself, as the text about the magazine and what’s in it will more draw your eye naturally.

I separated the cover into 3 separate categories:

photo 1-2

photo 4-2

These designs I put together because they all had a border around the image. By putting a border around the image, it separates the image from the title of the magazine. This is probably done because if you overlap the two, they the title against the image may lose the images’ effect and focus, or it could look far too crowded. Therefore, a border would be necessary to keep the cover looking crisp and professional.

photo 3

photo 3-2

photo 2

photo 1

photo 2-2

The second set had no border, and the image was merged almost as the whole cover of the magazine. I noticed with these that when this is done, the design is very plain where the title of the magazine is, meaning that you could merge them both together without the front cover looking too busy, or too many things that would be overlapping each other. I much prefer this way to having a border, because I think it makes the magazine look really effective in not having anything separating the text from the image.

photo 4 The third category involved text with the image. I think this was only done for a specific purpose, as it was one of the only covers with extra text put on (apart from what is essential on every issue). The text that was put on however I think specifically related to the image. The cover represented a special issue also, which could differentiate from the original covers, which would make it stand out more, because if you buy the cover every month and saw this cover, you would automatically realise that it is different, and regardless if you brought it every month or not, you would see that it is a special edition, encouraging you to buy it.


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