Creative Review magazine.



Creative Review was established in 1980 to help inspire people and bring out new and fresh ideas to everyone in the design industry, and to those who enjoy the creativity of design as a hobby. The magazine covers all different topics of visual communication relating to Graphic Design, advertising, digital, illustration, photography, typography etc.!




The covers of the magazines often feature the subjects above from one specific article, but rarely show the actual artist itself or the topic. By doing this, they can draw people in to buying the magazine and reading more about it. The front covers are usually very colourful and bright.

The photography-based images are usually centred in the middle of the page, becoming the decoration itself. The photo would have a very plain background, where the colour of the background would compliment the image itself to try and draw you more to the image itself and nothing else.

On the other hand, the more illustrated and detailed images on the front are very decorated all across the page, filling in every gap. The title is always set at the top of the magazine, with the information just below in smaller writing. I noticed also that there is a faint line that separates the text from the image. Sometimes, the image goes under the text (depending on how detailed it is), and some are cut off, and a blank space is left at the top for the title, in order for you to see it without taking away the effect of the front cover design, as this is in fact, the main focus of the magazine.





Inside of the magazine, the layout of the articles spreads are very crisp and clean. The pages are often in black and white and the text is in columns. When I look at the headings, they completely vary in their positions and sizes, as they relate to the whole context of the article. A lot of the images are big and completely spread out across the page, taking up about half of the space. I really like how they have expanded certain pieces of text that is wrapped around the article to bullet point certain areas/quotes that would draw people into looking more into the article itself.

I like the whole design layout of this magazine. Because the whole magazine has so many topics it can relate to, you can put your article in any format, and design almost anything for the front cover, as long as it is different and catches people’s eye!

photo 5

photo 3

I also had a look at some of the older the magazines. I noticed that the inside layout remained fairly similar, whereas on the front of the older issues, the design of the title was different. Instead of being at the top of the magazine, it went around some of the page, or was simplified.

photo 4

photo 2

photo 1

They changed the layout of the titles in order to keep the image the main focus on the page, and almost merged it with the design. The font as well is much bolder, which I think loses the effect of the front cover design, because my eye is suddenly more drawn to the title first. This is a reason to why I think the layout has been changed to how it is today. It could have been modified to suit the design purpose’s today, or because it needed an ‘update’ to fit with the changing and modernization of design.


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