Christmas card competition.

As part of our creative experiment, we were given the opportunity to take part of a Christmas card competition from the Hadlow Group. The card had to represent education, as well as be appropriate and effective, as well as thinking outside the box AND appeal to everyone!

My design I wanted to incorporate what I liked doing best – photo manipulation. I got a tutorial online and used image I had tucked away on my hard drive, and began making my own mock up version.

8 hours later…

whole new size

I absolutely LOVED doing this! The whole process was unbelievably fiddly, with lots of alterations and adjustments to the tiniest details to get the final outcome, but that is what I enjoyed most about it. I love perfecting my images and adding all different little details on, layering it up to create something completely surreal, and then use it for my design work.

I did this piece entirely using Photoshop. I put different layers for each feature and labeled them so I did not get any mixed up and I was able to go back and forth without getting confused! Much of the image is used with gradients and cutting out parts of images, where I would have to replace them or put the parts I have cut out in another position to make it look 3D…

The odds for me winning are slim, but now I can sit back and look at it, I feel that it doesn’t need a ‘medal’ to show the time and effort I have put in. because I only had a slim few days to think about a design and make this piece, not everything is completely perfect. But for what I have done in the spread of 2-3 days, I don’t think it was a bad effort.



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