Historical piece:

back design PS historic

My historical piece I wanted to show how symbols are also a way of language and communication. The book I chose I personally found the most interesting because of the stories behind the symbols. From all the research, I thought it would be better if I made my own symbol that would fit in with the rest of the theme of the book and recreate one as well.

I thought quite carefully of the image itself. I liked how I have taken parts of the actual symbols as well as creating my own to create something that already existed, but I had made it my own. The colour as well compliments the design, going along with the idea of nature in the symbol and peace, other than red, which could create quite a misleading opinion.

I like how I have designed the layout, in having it quite bold and very minimal to the colour, along with the font used in the title. I wanted to make sure that the title did not overshadow the whole design itself, but I wanted it to still be seen by centring it, keeping the whole layout in proportion. I know I could have improved on the refining of the images, making the curved edges a lot smoother. I also would have liked to play around with more attention to detail in each part, or even come up with a hugely detail symbol alone.

I think the back design could have been a little more decorated, but I like the simplistic style used for it. If I had enough time, I would have maybe added more detail to the other side and the type, arranging it in certain ways that could have possibly linked to the format of the book itself.

Type piece:

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 14.48.40

 I still like both of my final designs, but I think this one would be more effective as a post card. I decided to stick with plain background instead of adding texture, because I think less is more. I really like the slogan I have used and the way I have arranged the text, making the slogan makes sense with the type. To me, this is really effective because it does attract people’s attention as it is so ‘up-front’ and makes you look twice at it, but it is not so aggressive than if it was a full-stop.

The faded part of the font I would like to emboss it when I print it, the fading of it works well against the bold statement, especially when you read the blurb at the back, which briefly explains the whole design at the front.

The whole colour scheme of it is very neutral, but that I think, works well than when I tried adding colour to it. The font itself has been known to be boring and simple, therefore I think I have conveyed the meaning well with the design of it in a post card.

I think this is my favourite design out of the two, because it is a classic example of ‘less is more’. The back design I purposely added nothing but what the information was required to give, and the quote from Neville Brody to back one side of the debate about the font. I think it’s better that I never added a little decoration such as a stamp outline design, because this post card I wanted to have the text as part of the ‘image and decoration’.

 Overall, I like both of my designs. I think the historical design could be tweaked a little more and refined in certain areas, but I like the whole concept of it and the idea of recreating a symbol. Moreover, the type example is by far my favourite; the layout works really well and the simplicity of it is what make it so effective.


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