Final postcards: Back design(s)



For the back of both of my postcard designs, I thought it would be easier to keep them plain and simple. I looked up a few examples of back postcard designs, and realised that, that was what the majority looked at, because the back is used to write on and send messages.

I noticed all the postcards had a line in the middle, with the right hand side left for the message. On the left or in corners, there would be a very small design of what is shown at the front, or something that relates to the same theme.




Some of the postcards have information written at the back, similar to what I would have to format on the back. I have decided to keep my text very small at the bottom to give maximum space for the buyer to write on.

I thought of using Arial as the font for the modern postcard, because it is what the postcard is about, and keeping to the same theme I think is the most appropriate!

I also had a think, and a typeface I know works well with anything is Tahoma. Tahoma is a good alternative to using type on the back for the Historic postcard. The reason for this is because it is a good typeface to use and is easy to read. It also merges quite well with the overall historic theme slightly with its informality.

Historical design:

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 13.06.50

Mini example

back design PS historic

For my historical design, I thought it would look nice to have all the attention drawn to just one side of the back design, and allow the other side to have space to be written on. I decided to take an element of the front design on the back to give it a little bit of depth and decoration, without being too over the top in decoration.

Arial design:


I used the same format as the historical design, because I liked how everything is really clear but simple. Instead of having a decorative pattern, I thought it would have been more appropriate to keep it plain; I thought this would link quite well to the type itself, being plain and boring (to be precise).


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